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A bright white Scandinavian living kitchen

This is such a beautiful sun lit living kitchen. There is so much daylight coming from these big turn of the century windows and the light gets reflected on the light palette of the interior as well as on the white walls in the space.

The living area has a beautiful light grey linen sofa, which is paired up with pillow cases in nude linen and a fluffy area rug which softens up this area a lot. The armchair in natura linen, combined with the walnut side table and the black and white print add character to this living and the pampas gras has gotten a special place on the pedestal to make it extra eye catching.

The dining area in front of the kitchen has been made into its own little area as well, also by the use of an area rug and I love the combination of the Gubi Semi lamp and the contrasting print of the girl on the wall in between the two windows.




Source : Alvhem

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