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Design Crush : Iittala's New Kuru Collection

Iittala’s new Kuru collection from international designer Philippe Malouin features distinct, sculptural pieces that provide highly functional storage solutions to declutter any interior. Now one can organize and display personal belongings in a way that brings simplicity, calm and tranquility to any interior.

Kuru pieces showcase clean, geometric design that work harmoniously with other objects or look striking on their own. The collection includes handcrafted ceramic bowls in three different sizes, a smaller glass bowl, as well as a hand-blown vase, in a color palette ranging from dark green to beige and light grey.

The pressed glass Kuru interior bowl is perfect for organizing and displaying everyday items like keys, earpods, coins and jewelry. A stylish open storage solution that fits any interior. Definitely a great gift idea.

The mouthblown Kuru glass vase mixes stunning design and function. Clear frosted glass compliments the solid, statuesque shape. Showcases a single flower or a tall bouquet beautifully. The Kuru handmade light grey ceramic bowl is perfect for organizing and displaying personal items like sunglasses, watches and other jewelry. A stylish open storage solution that fits any interior.

Kuru, meaning ‘gorge’ in Finnish, refers to “the empty geometric space in the Kuru pieces,” Malouin explained. The designer spent months working with Iittala’s craftspeople to experiment with glazes and silhouettes.

“It was important to develop a design language that was our own as well as matching Iittala’s. The important thing to keep in mind was the quality and colours of the materials used by Iittala over the years. (…) The textured glaze is new to the brand, yet I believe it adheres to its design ethos. It is such a challenge to design something new for such a strong and big design company. We are pleased it was possible to do.”

The Kuru collection will be available from January 2020.



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