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Designer Crush : Joanna Lavén

This is a high-end and custom kitchen by talented Swedish designer Joanna Lavén featured in Residence magazine. There is something special about her signature style, how she uses vintage design in a contemporary way. It’s always so refined and unique. And as seen here, she sometimes takes inspiration from French and Italian interiors, while letting her Scandinavian aesthetic transpire.

Notice how the kitchen blends in the room, rather than standing out. I like how most appliances have been hidden, too. It is also important to appreciate the level of craftsmanship shown here – The paneling on the cabinets, the marble island, the hardwood floor… Touches of brass complement perfectly the warm tone of the wooden furniture and parquet.




Photography by James Stokes for Joanna Lavén

Article written by Catherine Lazure for NordicDesign

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