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Discover the happy & vibrant home of a Finnish Designer

Finnish designer Pinja Rouger used to work as a product designer as well as a material designer. She is now a freelance designer across the design field from graphic design to product and furniture design.

For her, Finnish design is a lot about functionality and purity of materials. She's always been a big fan of Marimekko and their bold use of color and pattern. For Pinja, Finnish design is a bit of a combination of pure functionalism and minimalism with a fun twist. Finns love simple, Scandinavian style, but are not afraid to play with bold details and color either.




Sources :

Article written by Niki Brantmark from my scandinavian home (full interview of Pinja Rouger and more informations about products are available on her website)

Photographies are from my scandinavian home & Pinja Rouger's blog Pinjacolada

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