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Halla x Halla - The coolest Finnish Brand to look into

Halla Halla, the sustainable swimwear line made of recycled bottles and fishnets is one of the coolest brands to look into. Created by Salla Valkonen and Hanna Lehtovaara the brands soul is based on their shared passion on ethically made designs and their love for traveling and exploring different cultures. Halla Halla swimwear is inspired by the beaches, the ocean and tropical jungle, wishing to preserve that wild beauty, as well as bringing a little Indonesian happiness and sun to the Nordics.

The swimwear line got established during Salla’s and Hanna’s travels as the Finnish design duo got a first hand experience on the problem of ocean waste. Surfing among plastic bottles and other waste got the designers look into the issue and after lots of research they found their way to create something that will emphasises their sustainable values and active lifestyle, as well as rise awareness about ocean waste and inspire to recycle.

Halla Halla is an ethically responsible business in all stages of their production cycle. This has been important for them since their inception and they continue to make sure that all the parties they work with align with their core values of sustainable and ethical practices.

Because they aim to be a sustainable company through their packaging, products, and their production, they only produce a limited quantity at a time. They chose to produce only a specific amount to reduce waste during excess production and surplus products.

In addition of making their products ethically and from sustainable materials, they wanted to make them fun by designing unique prints and vibrant colors.



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