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Home Tour into a breathtaking Scandinavian Minimalist Country Home

On the Swedish island of Gotland is this breathtaking minimalist country home that shows how rustic and modern can be a perfect match. The interior design, furniture choice and personal touches all blend in perfectly with the idyllic surroundings.

The original features of the 18th century style architecture — the rounded windows, thick walls, and beams — have been kept in tact. And in true nordic style, the home itself has been renovated in a modern way, but with the same materials that were originally integral to the style of architecture — lime-washed walls, wood panelling and stone floors all feel natural to the house. The modern updates in the kitchen and bathrooms are incorporated into the structure by maintaining the color palette of beiges, grays, and whites.

Some of the best choices made for this spare yet welcoming country home are the limited furnishings and accents. In a place that should be about good company and your surroundings, editing down the decor is a must. Bedrooms are outfitted with cozy and high quality bedding with little else, while in the living room a few cushions and throws invite lounging.

This minimalist Scandinavian home is a beautiful example of restraint and style. We can imagine that spending Midsummer, as well as snowy weekends, here with friends and family must be pure bliss.




Source : Article from Victoria de la Camara - Rue Daily

Photography : Emma Jonsson Dyssell for Fantastic Frank

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