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Home tour into a monochrome minimalist home in Finland

Welcome to Tiina Ilmavirta's monochrome minimalist family home in Espoo Finland. Tiina Ilmavirta wanted to create a peaceful atmosphere. For her it’s important that the home looks good but even more it has to feel good. The more simple it is the more she enjoys it.

She likes the lightness that doesn’t have too many colours but lot of neutral tones and matt materials that gives a soft feeling to the space. Right kind of contrasts that bring a sharp edge.The white color in her home is also a beautiful backdrop to selected minimal contrasting decor elements which merge into an airy monochrome style.

Their home is a one floor house with an open kitchen, big living room, tv-room, three bedrooms, bathroom, sauna, toilet and laundry room.

Read the full interview from Valerie Schoeneich from Designsetter here.

You can also follow Tiina on instagram @designwash and on her blog designwash.




Pictures are from Valerie Schoeneich from Designsetter.

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