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Home Tour into a Stylish neutral tones apartment in Stockholm

White walls have been all the rage these days — earlier considered “less designed”, they are now becoming something standard for many of the stylish homes we love. But this home in Stockholm shows us that there’s something to the in between. Light shades of gray, green, and “pepper white” serve as charming alternatives to pure white. Especially since it accentuates the home’s architectural features that give this space elegance and character.

Built in 1891, the architectural charm includes features that could be overly ornate and difficult to incorporate into a modern space: the green tiled stove and white antique fireplace attract visual attention. But by keeping the rest of it simple and repeating some of the same materials but in other finishings (the tiled kitchen backsplash), old meets new and there’s a common language being described throughout the house.

One common theme is nature. The design includes various types of woods — the engineered flooring, oak countertops and farmhouse table — to give an earthiness to the mostly light-toned space. Plants and flowers are seen in every room to bring the outdoors in and even give context to choice of a light green for the kitchen. We get the feeling that the designers of this space wanted it to feel like spring whether there was two feet of snow outside or a bright summer day.




Article written by Victoria de la Camara for Rue Mag

Photography by Jonas Berg for Stadshelm

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