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Home Tour into a Swedish Minimalist winter white home

I’m always so amazed that people can live in a monochrome home - so much respect! I love an all white home, it shows such restraint to not use a lot of color and pattern. That is why today, after Christmas and the explosion of red and green, I wanted to share with you a minimalist Swedish home that you will absolutely love. It’s a quite new home, built in 2016, in Aneby, Sweden.

Aneby is a small village in the south of Sweden and this home is owned by Anette Nilsson (known as @whitelivingetc on Instagram) and her husband. It’s 350 m2, and includes the office of their company. She has three children, but they are grown and moved out many years ago - so this lovely space is occupied only by two, and her pets as well. To Anette, home is a calming place where you can relax and socialize with friends and family. She loves her living room most for this reason.

She really enjoys her kitchen too because cooking is a real passion, especially making meals for her friends and family. When she’s not whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, she’s enjoying her home - styling, decorating, taking photos for her Instagram and of course other hobbies too. Relaxation is also a big love for Anette, just like the rest of us, and her relaxation ritual usually involves a glass of wine, listening to some classical music and burning her favorite candle, Fig by Tine K Home. Or bathing…

When she’s out and about, she loves to go shopping in cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Anette has a beautiful home, I’m so inspired by her Minimalist Scandinavian style! Anette can be found on Instagram @whitelivingetc




Source : article from Holly - Decor8blog

Photos and Styling: Anette Nilsson

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