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Inspiring & colourful Scandinavian boho-chic but very cool home of Michelle Nielsen

If you want to be inspired by a delicious style that does not cost the box, join Michelle Nielsen aka Stonemuse.

Michelle's picture wall evokes a gallery atmosphere in the living room because the pictures fill almost the entire wall. The pictures are both flea finds, travel finds from Chicago and Vietnam and some museum posters. Occasionally there is a poster from Hay, a Hornsleth painting and a work by the Aarhus artist Camilla Lovmand.

New home, new start. Her focus on home decor is really new and came from the fact that she moved together with her boyfriend a year ago. It became an opportunity to start all over again with decor and style, and the only thing they took with them, besides clothes, was their sofa, coffee table and an old picture. It has been, and still is, a really fun process, and her followers have taken it for granted.

Michelle usually explains she has an eclectic style because she likes to mix a lot of things - new, old, materials and colors. The whole thing is a little messy, but it will fit anyway. She tries to look for natural materials, something a little Asian and then she loves some little fun things, for example she has two paper fish hanging and a teapot shaped like an orange. In addition, one must be able to see that here is life and that they have many guests.

For more inspiration, have a look at her blog Stonemuse and instagram.



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