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Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

Encapsulating a luxurious hotel offering, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen celebrates Copenhagen’s Neoclassical past and perfectly blends a contemporary sensibility with a timeless appeal. Originally built in 1903 by architect Martin Borch for an insurance company, and later home to the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the century-old building has been carefully restored to its former grandeur through the refined lens of architect Gert Wingårdh of Wingårds design studio.

The supple tan leather which envelopes the reception wall from floor to ceiling also informs design elements within the guest rooms. While generous applications of Carrara marble, which sweep up through the ribboned, central staircase, also reappear in the bathroom of each guest room. The spa on the basement floor is seemingly carved entirely out of marble and features a hot stone hamam block.

Staying true to the classic Danish décor, raw timber also plays an important and reoccurring role throughout the hotel; from the floor to the ceiling, to the covetable Dinesen Douglas Fir furniture throughout.

Referencing its impressive European roots, iconic Danish designers such as Hans J Wegner feature heavily. While the premium suites showcase Wegner’s CH20 Elbow Chairs, Noi Restaurant downstairs demonstrates how timeless his CH29 Chairs are. Other highlights include Le Corbusier’s Lampe de Marseille which perch above the black-framed, four-poster beds and Claesson Koivisto Rune’s ode to modern design with their plush, Continental Easy Chair.

An austere elegance is woven through the hotel which highlights a thoughtful colour palette. Sea foam blues, creamy tan and crisp whites are prominent hues within each of the seventy-seven rooms, which work in favour with the sophisticated building.

The evolution of the Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, first as a public building to a landmark hotel with a central positioning has been luminously transformed by Wingårds. Reimagined and imbued with a grace and charm that pays homage to its heritage and to the beautiful city of Copenhagen that surrounds it.




Article written by Megan Rawson for est living magazine

Photography by Søren Kristensen

Design by Wingårds

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