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Nordvink: a creative young design duo from Denmark

Designed by Nordvink, a young design duo from Denmark, this series of graphical leaves in different coloured metals from Lucie Kaas is stunning and delicate.

Nordvink works in the cross field between design and architecture mixing stylistically consistent materials with edgy colors. Behind every design process lies a passion for thinking out of the box and creating new solutions for the everyday, urban lifestyle resulting in items that are both functional and innovative.

The decor items are available in different shapes as well as materials such as black coated metal, brass, chrome and pink coated metal. These materials, different colours, coatings and finishes bring some contrasting features into your interior and is a great way to incorporate elements of nature in your style.

Taking inspiration from the Danish nature, the designers transformed the shape of the leaves into a graphic and decorative object which can be used in many different ways. Leaflike adds a tropical Art Deco style with a twist of Nordic nature to your home.

Anne Nørbjerg and Sanne Kyed are both educated in product design from Aarhus School of Architecture. The talented duo won the FSC Design Award in 2012 and have received international attention for their work with furniture and home accessories leading to several collaborations with some of the leading designers on the Scandinavian interior scene.




Sources : Nordvink, Lucie Kaas & Ingrid Opstad

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