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Scandinavian style, how to dress the Nordic way

The whole world admires the Scandi way of dressing and the fashion they produce.From furniture design to interiors and down-to-earth concepts like “hygge” (cosiness) and “lagom” (moderation), the obsession with all things Scandi doesn't stop.

“Scandinavian style has changed over the past few years,” says Pernille Teisbaek, the queen of Scandi influencers in all but title. “It was kind of stuck in a very minimal vision, but it’s been very refreshing to see so many colourful and printed styles come to the runway, still keeping in a casual and easy styling that makes it easy to understand and integrate in your basic wardrobe,” she tells Vogue.

The former model and founder of Social Zoo, an influencer marketing agency based out of Copenhagen, also wrote Dress Scandinavian, a practical guide on how to get the most of your wardrobe and do as the Scandi set do. Her top tip? Invest wisely. “Think long-lasting pieces that you can wear for many years. Many things get better and look more natural when they’ve been worn in.”

The Scandinavian style is definitely more maximalist now than ever before. Comfort is still key, of course, but the minimalist approach that first drew the international eye to Scandi style has grown to incorporate more colour and print than ever before.

Simplicity With Details

We like to keep a simple style and pay attention to the small details. Monochrome clothes and little accents help you keep close to Scandinavian style. Colors such as black, white, light and dark beige and, of course, pastel colors are the universal ones—fit for any woman. Small accents, such as a belt or scarf several hues darker than your main colour, embroidery or a jewel, can complement your image perfectly.

Black basics

Black remains the favorite color for coats, jeans, trousers, blouses, dresses and boots. Black leather jackets, skirts and trousers are a must; the color reflects the depth of Nordic minimalism in styling.


The white shirt is a favorite of Nordic women and for good reason: it never goes out of fashion. A ‘must’ for every stylish woman’s wardrobe.

Flat Shoes

Comfort and health—these two words fully show the main tendencies in the Scandinavian fashion world. Sensible shoes mean flats for the most of the women. They not only allow to feel comfortable, wholesome and chic, they also fit any contemporary style.

My advice, always think of the four Cs: comfortable, classic, casual and cool. Add something feminine and you’re good to go!



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