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While most people imagine exotic equatorial locales for the summer break, the long daylight hours of Scandinavian summer and the natural beauty of the larger Nordic world hold dozens of under-appreciated destinations. While it’s true that ice and snow and Vikings and fjords are all a part of this unique cultural and geographical ecosystem near the top of the European continent, so are stunning beaches, surfing, boating, camping, hiking and much more. 

Lots of first-time visitors to Denmark are surprised to learn that one of the most popular Danish summer holiday destinations is staying close to home, right in the capital of Copenhagen. Danish people who prefer a ‘staycation’ in Copenhagen appreciate how much the city has to offer in summer, not least of which is a more laid-back vibe without the frantic tourist onslaught you find in Southern European summer destinations.

You’re also not trapped in some smaller, strictly tourist-oriented town with overcrowded beaches, absurdly jacked-up prices, low-quality food, obnoxiously touristic clubs and bars and so forth. 

In Copenhagen you’ve got beaches and waterfront activities, but also all manner of world-class entertainment, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural attractions available to keep you busy. 

And if you do encounter a rainy day, you can take the kids to a museum as part of their Scandinavian summer holiday rather than being trapped in a hotel room or under the mildewed canvas of that creepy carnival on the outskirts of town.

Another Nordic summer holiday spots in Finland is Tampere. Gorgeous Tampere may not be the biggest or most famous city in Finland, but for outdoor adventurers looking for a Scandinavian summer holiday, it’s practically ideal. 

The city itself is home to a strong working-class tradition, with writers, musicians and modern YouTubers all hailing from there, lending a down-to-earth and eclectic vibe to the culture, restaurants, bars and nightlife. 

There is tremendous history and modern culture alike to be discovered in Tampere, and you can easily spend a week just exploring the city. Nearby you’ll also find plenty of recreation on the lakes, including boating, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and more. You can also catch a boat to Viikinsaari Island for hiking, picnicking and more. 

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