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The best Scandinavian cookware for your home

How are you supposed to master your rye bread, lohikeitto, or flæskesteg without the best Scandinavian cookware? Give yourself the best start with these sleek and quality pots and pans.


The Sarpaneva pot, designed in 1960 by Timo Sarpaneva, is an ultimate design classic that’s as functional in the kitchen as it is appealing on the dining table – though it wouldn’t look out of place suspended over a campfire. The wooden handle can be used either to carry the pot or to lift off the lid for stirring, while the cast iron pot itself was inspired by Sarpaneva’s blacksmith grandfather. It’s reminiscent of an ancient cast-iron pot, very Viking indeed.

The important bit: how it cooks.

Enamelled cast ironware is perfect for slow cooking over long periods of time. The surface prevents sticking and lingering flavors, so it can be used for both meat and fish without one tainting the other. Better still, this surface resists burnt-on food.

eva solo

Despite being a company that’s a little over 100 years old, Eva Solo is anything but archaic. Their stainless steel pans have changed with society, from developing tools so women could spend less time in the kitchen in the 50s, to designing cookware meant to live on display for the co-living and open-plan spaces of the 70s. The company is known today for the functional and high-quality design of its products, becoming a hub for modern, innovative, and international design.

The minimalist look is clean with an understated Nordic twist. The wooden accents are a particularly tasteful nod to mid-century design.


Made in Denmark since 1956, Scan Pan uses 100% recycled aluminium to craft their high-quality pans. Liquid aluminium is poured by hand into a mould and die-cast under 250 tonnes of pressure, a unique casting technique that ensures maximum durability and perfect heat distribution across the entire surface. Pans are then coated with Scan Pan’s patented non-stick coating, which is one of the market’s most resilient.

There’s a wide range of sleek pots and pans that will work in all kitchens, giving even the most amateur of cooks a professional edge. There’s also a small collection of miniature copper cookware, ideal for melting chocolate, preparing a sauce, or making a portion of oatmeal porridge, but in a fancy French bistro kind of way.

Now that you have everything you need, start cooking and enjoy your Scandi meals!



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