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The new home of the Gustafsson family was built by the sea in Rymättylä, Turku. The number one desire was to bring a magnificent and unique seascape to the interior of the house.

The house painted black stands on a cliff. There are pine trees pounded by the wind at the back, so the house lands beautifully in its surroundings. The sun plays with the waves of the sea, and the stunningly beautiful back of the Airisto, which opens in front, is visible as a pictorial of the house’s landscape windows. Residents named their new seaside home Willa Aawa.

Kannustalo's architect Tiina Pyykkö was involved in designing Willa Aawa according to the wishes of the residents. She made sure that the desired solutions could be implemented on a demanding seaside plot. When the sloping ceiling was chosen for the living area of ​​the house, the window area facing the sea could be multiplied. Black, which blends well into the rocky coniferous landscape, was chosen between the house and the outbuildings.

Simo and Katja Gustafsson fell in love with the unique seascape of the plot, which definitely had to be included in every room of the house.

Continuity has been emphasized by using nature's own color palette in the interior. The black color of Willa Aawa’s kitchen is reminiscent of the patina of old pine trees in the archipelago. The home is full of delightful details, you will find that the house has been designed thoughtfully and with love. The sea is visible, even if the chef sometimes turns his back on it. The kitchen continues as a single space in the living room only the kitchen island and fireplace group the space. While admiring the kitchen, you can admire the view from the living room.

The large windows in the home make the interior spacious and inviting. At the same time, they integrate the surrounding nature into the home. Indoors, you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in every season - regardless of the weather. Even in the bedroom, you can watch the winter starry sky or the stormy sea in autumn while lying under warm blankets.

At the same time, two houses of uniform style were built on the plot. The larger is a residential building and the smaller is a sauna building. Sheltered, glazed terraces were built at the end of the house and in connection with the sauna building. The passageways between the houses were covered with terrace bridges, which make movement safer and keep the plot itself intact. At the moment, the terrace bridges are still wood-colored, but over time they turn gray with the help of salty seawater.

What a beautiful house, isn't it?




Source : Kannustalo

Article written by Jutta Rissanen

Photos by Krista Keltanen & Lasse Anderson

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