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What’s Hot On Pinterest: Why Scandinavian & Pastel Decor?

Well, yes. Here's one of your most loved signatures, What’s hot on Pinterest. We’re following the Scandinavian style and how pastels go hand in hand. Be it in your bedroom or living room, we’re going on a journey to see how it pairs so well in a nowadays home.

The Scandinavian way of living has captured the hearts of the minimalist, more is less, simple way of living. Although the Scandinavian style calls for simple whites and uncluttered spaces, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply splashes of colour, in this case – pastels.

Walls and corners are difficult to decor we know. So, why not add the best of life? If you are a lover of art, soft contemporary hues are the ones for you. Pair with a small vase with one of the most loved flowers – roses. The end result will be great!

Bedrooms are just… the area that you always want to spend time in. The place where we go to rest must be filled with plenty of good vibes and great decor. When it comes to choosing the right item seem to be a headache. This time around, why not pair various tones with an incredible rug? Simple and easy to achieve!

Rugs are important there’s no getting around to it. Blue, with the designation of warmest colour, will just appeal to any design setting and you won’t regret the choice you’ll make!

Objects tell stories and while you might be preparing for the night of your life, the lighting must be one of the focal points. As your wall are filled with an astounding colour your dressing table is in incredible timing.

Now All You Need To Have a Good Time This Weekend!


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